Hershey Park PA Discount Tickets and Specials 2011

Looking for discount tickets to Hershey Park? There are many ways to get discount tickets to amusements parks including Hershey. Hershey Park is less than two ours from the New Jersy boarder. It is an easy day or overnighttrip. We will be constantly scouting for these discounts, codes and coupons and posting them here.

It is always a good idea to purchase Hershey park tickets before you go to the park. Often beverage vendors offer discounts with their product containers or labels. Chain restaurants like subway often have theme park tickets at a discount.

So if you are looking for Hershey park deals you have come to the right place. Whether you want to go to Hershey Park for a day or a week it is always a good idea to plan ahead. Look for discounts on line.

Check you local paper for Hershey Park coupons. Hershey is the sweetest place on earth.

*** HOT TIP *** The "Preview Plan"

One of the most often overlooked Hershey Park rules it the Prieview Plan. Just present your ticket at the gate after 7:30 PM and enjoy all of the rides and shows all evening long!

WIth so many great things to see and do, Hersheypark is a popular weekend attraction. Saturday's tend to draw larger crowds, so if your schedule is flexible, we suggest that you visit Sundays through Thursdays.

To get the most out of your day, a little planning is recommended. Ride the coasters and water rides first. The lines for these popular rides are much shorter at the beginning of the day. (Except for the Comet - wait until mid-day to get on faster.)


Begin your visit to the Park in Midway America or in the Kissing Tower area . Lines for the popular rides in this area of the Park are also shorter in the morning.

Plan on getting wet! We have several drenching water rides. If you'd rather not walk around in wet clothing, be sure to pack a spare T-shirt and shorts. Changing rooms and lockers are available.


When you arrive at the Park, we suggest you choose a designated meeting location in the event someone is separated from your party. Pick a common location in the Park that can be easily found by everyone in your party. Or ask the nearest Security Guard for assistance

Get a head start - buy your tickets in advance!
No need to stand in line to buy tickets when you get here! You can purchase your tickets online, print them at home and have them in hand when you arrive at the gate! We have designated gates for pre-purchased tickets to help you get into the park faster! Remember to leave all nonessential items in your car to expedite security searches.

Hersheypark 2011 Gate Admission

(ages 9-54)
(ages 3-8)
(ages 55-69)
Senior Plus
(ages 70+)
(2 & under)

One Day Admission

$53.95 $32.95 $32.95 $21.95 FREE

Two Day Flex

Visit Hersheypark for any 2 days this season

$71.50 $53.50 $53.50 $53.50 FREE

Three Day Flex

Visit Hersheypark for any 3 days this season

$100.50 $78.50 $78.50 $78.50 FREE

Combo ticket w/
Dutch Wonderland

Make your summer twice as nice by visiting Hersheypark and nearby Dutch Wonderland for one great combo price!

$72.95 $58.95 $55.95 $55.95 FREE

Consecutive Day Admission

Purchase today's ticket at regular price. Keep your ticket stub and present it at the entrance on your return to purchase your Consecutive Day ticket.

$32.95 N/A N/A N/A N/A

Sunset Admission

Get discounted admission when you come later in the day!
Park closes at 6 PM - Enter at 3 PM
Park closes at 8 PM - Enter at 4 PM
Park closes at 10 & 11 PM - Enter at 5 PM

$27.95 $23.95 $23.95 $16.95 FREE


When to visit:
Tuesdays through Thursdays are ideal. Saturdays are typically our busiest day! On three-day weekends, Sundays are generally the busiest.
Crowds typically thin after 6 PM.
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You can purchase discounted tickets at Giant Supermarlets near Hershey Park. You should call ahead to make sure they have Hershey park discount tickets available. One day adult admission to Hershey park is $51.95 and I have heard that people have purchased discounted Hershey Park admission tickets at Giant for $35. That is a substantioal savings, especially if you are purchasing more than one ticket. If you purchase tickets at Giant you will also get a parking pass that will save you even more money. THe discount and free parking depends on the month you go so call ahead or check on line to find out,

The Preview plan is a SWEET way to maximize your visit. All single or multi-day tickets (including those bought online, via group sales, Giant, AAA, etc) qualify for this SWEET deal! Just present your ticket at the gate after 7:30 PM and enjoy all of the rides and shows all evening long! (Not valid on Sunset, Consecutive Day or Concert Special Admission)

Sunset admission is another way to save money at Hershey Park. Sunset admission has nothing to do with the time of sunset. It actually has to do with the time that Hershey Pary closes on the day you arrive.

- When the Park closes at 6 PM - Enter Park at 3 PM
- When the Park closes at 8 PM - Enter Park at 4 PM
- When the Park closes at 10 & 11 PM - Enter Park at 5

If you have small children, you may want to purchase a combination ticket for Dutch Wonderland/Hershey Park. Dutch Wonderland is located 30 miles away in Lancaster and is ideal for families with kids 12 and under. Enjoy two times the fun at the most family-friendly parks in America! Combination tickets are valid for one full day admission to Hersheypark, and one full day admission to Dutch Wonderland. Tickets can be used on any day during each park's regular summer season.

If you're attending a concert at the Giant Center, Hersheypark Stadium, the Star Pavilion or Hershey Theatre, you can buy a discounted ticket to the Park for use the day before, the day of, or the day after the concert, or you can even buy discounted tickets for all three days! You can save $19 on a regular adult admission to Hershey Park on all three days.


Fitting it all in - Strategize!
Most guests stop at the first ride and continue moving right to left. Instead, walk to the rear of the Park and work your way to the front. The lines for the Comet and Carrousel tend to be busy in the morning, so skip them on the way in, and ride on your way out!


Hot day water option:

  • STAY AWAY FROM THE Boardwalk until later in the day. Ride the Tidal Force first.
  • Go to the Coal Cracker (ride this as many times as you can/want as it is high capacity and has short waiting times).
  • Go to Tiny Timbers during lunch or later in the afternoon if you have little kids. Ride hard park rides: Frontier Flyers is a good ride to cool off on, the Kissing Tower has air conditions as well as the Reese's Extreme Cup Challenge. Spend time in the Roller Soaker play area using the water blasters and cannons as well as playing in the pop fountains near the queue line.
  • Hit the Boardwalk right before dinner. The area really clears out and most of the attractions are walk on from 4:30 PM until Boardwalk close.


Cool day water option:
All attractions will be walk on. The water at the East Coast Water Works will be warmest at the start of the day as the water heats in a surge tank overnight.


Dry day coaster option:

  • Most coasters will be walk on as a good number of the guests in the park will be out in the Boardwalk area. Most guests ride the Comet and Great Bear first. Skip those rides until later and go direct to the Fahrenheit.
  • Ride Storm Runner/Sidewinder next.
  • Go to The Wildcat and then Wild Mouse.
  • Ride Lightning Racer while you are out in Midway America (ride this as many times as you can/want as it is high capacity and has short waiting times).
  • Trailblazer is a good family option. Make sure you have an entertainment schedule and stay away from the ride when the aquatheater shows end.
  • Ride Great Bear and Comet during the dinner hour (stay away from the comet at the end of the night as everyone in the park wants to get a last ride on the "white coaster" before leaving).


Wet day coaster option:

  • Skip the Great Bear and Comet and proceed to the back of the park. Keep an eye on the weather. If it starts to drizzle the Fahrenheit and Storm Runner will shut down. Most people will leave the queue lines at those rides when they shut down. This is a good time to get in the queue (check your PDA first or stop by a guest services location to get a radar update to make sure that the precipitation is not going to last hours).
  • During severe weather most if not all rides will shut down. Coasters are the last to open but the queues will be empty. Find a safe place to wait out the storm in a building near the entrance of the coaster you want to ride. When it opens, you can get right in line.


Things to try in the morning hours for shorter lines:

  • Coal Cracker - Shorter wait times first thing in the morning and right after dinner.
  • Storm Runner
  • Tidal Force - Shorter wait times first thing in the morning and right after dinner.
  • Wild Mouse - Shorter wait times first thing in the morning
  • Wildcat - Shorter wait times first thing in the morning


Things to try during midday for shorter lines:

  • Carrousel
  • Comet
  • Hershey's Chocolate World


Things to try in the evening hours:

  • Great Bear
  • SooperdooperLooper
  • The Boardwalk at Hersheypark, if it is really hot wait until after 4 PM to visit the area.
Don't miss Halloween at Hershey
Groups of 20 or more people can save up to 40% on admission tickets to Hershey Park.

During certain low-traffic seasons or at other times when the Hershey Park wants to drum up business, these can be great values, indeed. Don't book a package that includes features you probably would not use. Even if a package is not much of a savings over purchasing the bundled items separately, the time and energy you can save with one-stop shopping may make it worth it to you.

  Halloween is a fun time to visit Hershey Park for their Halloween Hershey Park in the Dark.
  Check out these Halloween stories, jokes, and songs.
Hershey Park Savings
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Hersheypark was created for the employees and relatives of Milton S. Hershey's Chocolate Factory on April 24, 1907. Milton wanted to create a more pleasant environment for workers and residents in his community than any typical factory town of the time. Now offering over 60 attractions, including 10 world class roller coasters, Hersheypark is one of the cleanest, oldest, and true-to-its-theme amusement parks in this country!

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